What to pack in your hospital bag for delivery

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Hello, Beauties,

Today I want to share a piece of advice with all the moms to be. As the days pass by and we come close to our delivery date we start feeling excited, scared. All the feelings come exploded. At the same time, we should not forget to pack our bag to a hospital for delivery. Yes, we should pack bags for a hospital in advance. I packed my bag 10 days before my delivery. But, after reaching hospital I needed many items which I did not pack in my bag. And some items were in shortage. So, Today I will be sharing a list of items needed to be packed in your bag while going to the hospital for delivery.


Note: Pack your bags at least one month before your delivery date. Because, after 8 months completed the big day can come any day.

Let me start with the list:

For Mommy to be:

1.  Bag:

Yes, it is obvious you will be packing all your things in a bag.You may be thinking how stupid I am, to specify bag as one option. My point here is to say to pack two different bags one for you and one for your newborn baby. Because at that moment when you pack everything in one bag you won’t get what you are searching for. So it is better to pack two bags.


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2.  Towels:

Towels play a vital role. Carry big and small size towels as many as possible.


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3.  Toiletries:

Pack all your toiletries. From Hand sanitizer, Face wash, Body wash everything.


4. Sanitary napkins :

You are aware you need sanitary napkins. But don’t buy regular ones. There are special sanitary pads specially designed for a new mom. So, opt for such sanitary napkins as they are designed to hold heavy flow.


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I found maternity pads also on Nykaa.com, firstcry.com also.

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5. Underwears:

You need them a lot. Carry as many as possible.





6 . Feeding/Nursing Pillow:

This is going to be useful for both mom and baby. With nursing pillows, you will be able to hold baby easily and you need not bend. If not nursing pillow at least carry normal pillows so that you can keep them on your lap and feed your baby.


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Feeding pillows are available on the variety of websites. Here are the links

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7. Face and hand cream:

Carry your face and hand cream whichever you use regularly.



8. Maternity wear Or Nightgown and maternity lingerie:

Carry nightwear which allows easy feeding. Carry night dress which has opening or button on top. So that you can feed your newborn baby easily. Also, carry maternity lingerie.


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9.  Hair bands:

Carry hair bands, hair clips. These items may sound silly but believe me, if you don’t find them at right time it is going make our life hell.



10. Sweater and blankets:

If its winter or if a room has AC do carry sweater and blankets. So, that you stay warm and cozy.





Newborn Babies Bag:

1 . Cloth sets:

After baby enters this new world he/she need comfy clothes. Buy cotton clothes and after buying them wash them. So that they won’t cause any allergy to your baby.


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2 .Mittens and booties, sweaters, and blankets:

After my daughter was born I could hear her sneezing. So, I wanted her to stay warm. Mittens keep their hand and legs warm. Even if its summer you can buy cotton mittens and bootie sets. It is best to pack sweater and blankets as babies are new to this world and they take time to adapt to it.


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3. Cloth Diapers:

I feel it is best to use cloth diapers as babies skin is sensitive and they will develop allergies very soon.


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4 . Baby wipes:

Starting few days use new cleaned and washed cloth as wipes. Before using baby wipes available in market consult your pediatrician.


5 . Soft towels:

Carry soft towels. After delivery and cleaning the baby usually, the nurse will ask for towels and clothes. So be prepared for it. 



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6 . Baby soap, lotion, powder:

The next day of the delivery i.e second day of the baby born they take the baby for a bath.Then they ask for soap and lotion.


7 . Bed Protector:

There are many types of bed protector available in the market for babies. Choose according to your preference.


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7.Baby bedding cum carrier:

This allows us to carry newborn baby easily.



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That’s all ladies. I think I have covered everything needed. If you feel I have left anything please do comment below.

Hope you all liked this article.


With Love,


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