Precautions to take during Vaccination

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Hi, Mommies,

Immunization/vaccination, word for first-time moms may sound like a terror. We get worried about our little ones. But there are few things we need to take care of while taking our little one for vaccination. I have listed few points which I felt are important precautions needed to be taken. Here is the list. 

1 .  Carry toy:

Carry any toy to the hospital or clinic. Toys help us to distract babies while vaccinating also they help in calming babies very soon.

2.  No vaccination if baby/toddler is ill:

Doctor suggest not to immunize baby if she is under any medication or suffering from cold, cough, fever or any illness. It is better to wait until the baby is completely recovered from illness. We need not worry if vaccination is delayed due to illness and medication. Consult your pediatrician for any further clarifications.


3.  Be prepared:

If you are first-time mom and dad then be prepared to hold your baby tight while immunization. Usually, doctors ask parents to hold baby tightly. And in some hospitals nurses will help in holding babies.


4.   Breastfeed :

Before going to doctor breastfeed your baby. Some babies sleepy after immunization or some even become fussy after immunization. If it is toddler feed them before going for a vaccination.


5. Check for expiry date:

Yes, we need to check the expiry date on the immunization kit outer cover or ask the doctor to check expiry date once again in front of you. 

6. Ask for remarks:

There will be a sticker on vaccination bottle which specifies the brand of the vaccination, expiry date of the vaccination. After immunization asks for a sticker on immunization bottle to stick on your immunization file with date and time. 


7.  Carry Immunization record file:

Always Carry immunization record file to the Doctor. Never miss the entry of Immunization in the file.

8.  Sit for a while in the clinic:

After immunization wait in hospital or clinic for 15min to 20 min. So, that your doctor can check immediately if any reaction takes place.


These are some basic points which I felt are very important we need to follow. These are just my opinion. If you feel  I have left any point drop them in the comment box below. Hope this article helped.


Take Care,



**** Please do consult your doctor for further clarification****

***These are solely my opinion based on my experience****

***Not medical  *****

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