L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti Aging Transforming Eye Cream Review

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Today I want to review a very special product which helped me to regain my charm after having the baby. Yes, you all guessed it right a good under eye cream. After delivery due to the sleepless night, I started getting dark circles. As months passed by it started getting worse. So, I decided I should get rid of these dark circle. And did some online research for dark circle removing products. And came across L’oreal Paris Revitalift under eye cream. Let’s not drag my story and jump directly to review.


Product claims:

You can read what it claims in the image.


Texture: The product is creamy in texture.

Price: Rs 1095

Buy here at Nykaa

or Here

My experience with the product:


I started using Loreal Paris Revitalift under eye cream daily before going to sleep. It has to be applied directly from the nozzle of the tube. If applied directly from the nozzle, the cream color changes to pink or else it will be white. After applying I could not notice any difference next day. But after applying for 1week I could notice a slight reduction in the dark circle. After using it for almost one-month dark circle my dark circles got reduced by 80 percentage.

At the same time, my mother also started using it. Skin texture around her eyes improved a lot. Fine lines and darkness around her eyes got reduced by 80 percent. She is very happy with the product and we have started using the second tube. L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti Aging Transforming Eye Cream is one of the best under eye cream I used.



1.Does what it claims.

2.Reduces dark circle

3.Reduces fine lines.



1.Bit pricey but worth it.



Conclusion: Yes I will use it once again.



Hope you all liked the article. If you have used any other under eye cream and happy with that product then share it with us.




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