Kangana Ranaut inspired Saree Looks

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Kangana Ranaut is an inspiration. Every woman must be bold like her in expressing them and elegant in their appearance. She has been spotted many times sporting Indian saree looks and carrying it very elegantly. So, I have collected few of her saree looks so that we can sport same looks in upcoming family function or any event. Let me start with her looks.


1  Royal Golden Kanjiveram/Banarasi Saree Look:

Kangana Ranaut was recently spotted at Viruska wedding reception. She sported this royal look and every eye was on her. She looked splendid in this Kanjiveram saree. Golden Kanjeeveram saree shows the world royal side of us. So it is a must have saree in our wardrobe. They can be worn on different occasions with different styling.



Similar sarees available online. To buy them or for more info click on the image below.

In my previous article, I have shown some more Golden silk sarees. You can read it here 


2 Kangana in Yellow Banarasi/Kanjeevaram Sareese.

I liked her yellow Banarasi look. Kangana Ranaut looks splendid in the yellow saree. Opting for these type of yellow saree gives a glamorous as well as elegant look. Opt for such saree for both family functions as well as office parties or formal parties. For formal keep the accessories simple and minimum. For the family, functions opt for a heavy statement necklace.



Similar sarees available online. To buy them or for more info click on the image below.



3. Pink Floral Georgette Saree.

This one of my favorite look. Saree is simple yet it adds grace and elegance to the whole look. Georgette sarees are light to wear but show feminine side of us. These type of saree’s are must in our wardrobe.


To buy this similar saree click image below.


4. Grey floral print saree.

Grey is a color of sophistication and grace. Kangana Ranaut looks great in this saree as well. 



I could find this one grey saree similar to Kangana’s. If you like click on the image below to buy/look closely.


5. Peach /light pink sarees.

There were many occasions where Kangana Ranaut sported peach/light pink colored sarees. she has carried cotton pink saree to net peach saree elegantly. 



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6. White net saree look.

This is one of my favorite looks. In this look, she looks glamorous as well as traditional. We must be smart enough to select such sarees. So, ladies start selecting such type of sarees so we can wear such sarees on different occasions and try different styling looks.



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Found some similar sarees online. If you like them click on images to buy them.


7. Some random looks.

Kangana Ranaut has sported a variety of saree looks. She has sported Khadi saree look, also she has sported cotton, Bhagalpuri saree look. Check them out below.



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I came across some websites which have good collection of Kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees. Check them here

  1. Indian Silk house
  2. Utsavfashion


That’s all, for now, lovely ladies.

Hope you all liked my post.


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**Image source Instagram, Pinterest

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