Family to me

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Hi all,

Today I want share something about “my family”.

When we think of “FAMILY”, We get an image where parents, children, grand parents, cousins living happily and cordially.

But is this how families look?
Some of you may have such perfect family. I don’t have such a perfect family but whatever it is,it is my family.

I got to experience love, anger, hatred, pain and many more feelings under the roof of family. Family is the place where, we are judged for what we are but still we are accepted and loved. Family is the place where we get to love and be loved by. Family acts as a supporting system to us.

My family has my parents, sister, my husband and my loving and naughty daughter.

I was raised in a safe and secure family where my father took care of each and every thing. We had to listen to our dad and his decision was final. It was not that he was very controlling but still I always felt I needed more independence so that I could explore more and learn. I also felt I would be more confident. It was always bumpy ride experience. Arguing and then me and my dad coming to peace. Even with all these arguments me and my dad have special bonding with each other. He loves me the most.(I think so ..he he).

My mom was the one who used to support me in every way possible. I don’t know weather I have done justice to her. I always try to keep her happy and encourage her to be positive. I am very attached to her. Her happinesses matters to me a lot. I am sad when she is sad and happy in her happinesses. This doesn’t mean me and my mom don’t fight. We fight and some times she doesn’t like my lecture about life but still we love each other and find happinesses in each other’s happinesses.

My whole world revolved around my parents untill my marriage.

Marriage gave me wings. Yes! My husband showed me the independent life. He showed me how to live freely and I love him more for that. It doesn’t mean we are perfect couple. There are times when he makes me completely crazy and there are moments when he shower me with love. Men!!🤩

Now, when I myself is a mother to a daughter, I understand my parents perspective. But, still I want to give my daughter all that freedom, love and support. So that she grows tall and strong.
My daughter is my world and my husband act as a supporting system(my oxygen).
This doesn’t mean my love for my parents have reduced. They are still my world and I still keep doing efforts to make them happy.
Me and my husband have made it a point to visit my parents for every one or two months and my parents visit us in between.

Coming to festivals part. I wanted my daughter to experience that pampering that happens in Grandparents house. Also, I wanted her to understand that wherever we may be we all are family and distance cannot separate us. To show my daughter the importance of festival we ( me and my sister)always gather at our parents house. This way she will know the importance of celebrating festivals together. Especially deepavali, I want her to know that it is festival of lights and togetherness. It is way of celebrating goodness over badness.

After all this celebrations, whenever I leave from my parents house I cry a lot. Even if I visit them once in a month, tears automatically comes even without me knowing.
And Finally very important person of my life my sister. She plays a crucial role in my life. We are the sisters who fight the most. But when it comes to supporting each other we never leave each other alone.

So friends here what I am trying to tell you’ll is imperfect family is the perfect family. Never regret for the type of family you have. Whatever type of family we may be having it’s our family. Love everyone for what they are.
Love is the only right thing in the family.

Hope you’ll liked my article on family. Please drop your comments..

With love,

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