DIY-Face pack for glowing Skin from oats

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Today I want to share useful face pack which helps in bringing back your lost glow. Yes, this is my go-to face pack. Whenever I want good looking and energetic face I apply this face pack. I will not drag this, let me jump directly to Ingredients.



1. Oats: has many benefits on skin. They act as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. So they can be used to treat sunburn, pimples redness. Gradually it reduces pimple marks and removes dullness from your skin and makes it brighter.

2.  Lemon Juice: Lemon, as we all know, is a source of Vitamin C. Lemon juice helps in lightening your skin and making it brighter. It is optional to use lemon juice on your skin. As some have sensitive skin and they find slight irritation on your skin. So applying lemon juice is left to you.

3. Tomato Pulp or juice: Tomato juice helps in reducing pore size, reducing acne size, blemishes.

4. Potato juice and cucumber juice: It also helps in reducing blemishes and making your skin glow.

5. Milk: It helps in moisturizing your skin as well helps in brightening it.

6. Honey: Helps in moisturizing and act as cooling agent.

7 Green Tea: Rich in anti-oxidants it is good for skin and helps in improving your skin as well act as an anti-aging product.

8. Multani Matti/Rice flour

All in all, I have added ingredients which help in giving us a brightening face. Also, ladies love your skin the way it is. Actually, face packs and creams remove dead cells, nourishes your new skin cells and bring out your original skin. So you look brighter. But don’t fall for anything which says you will gain fairer skin.


1 Firstly powder oats and boil it in milk until the whole mixture becomes soft.(If no time to powder the oats that is fine, you can boil the way it is )I powder it because I need a fine paste.

2 Then prepare small amount of green tea

3 Now mix all the ingredients to form a thin paste.

4. Apply it on your face and leave it to dry for 20min.

5. Rinse your face and apply toner and moisturizer.

Note: Scrub your face before applying this pack. Scrub your face once a week. So if you have already scrubbed to face and neck then no need of scrubbing.

You can prepare your scrub at home itself. Click here to read DIY scrub at home.




Hope you all liked this DIY. Leave your opinion and comment after trying this DIY.

See you’ll soon.



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